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Installation instructions should be followed in all DADOquartz® bathtub & basin installations.




Please read the instructions carefully to ensure the best results and avoid damage or injury.



  1. We recommend that the installation be done by a minimum of 2 people as a safety precaution.
  2. Make sure to adopt the proper posture when lifting the item.  
  3. Adhere to all building and plumbing codes.  
  4. The diagrams are not construction plans, they are visual aids only.  
  5. The floor must be level and the wall must be square to the floor.  
  6. Drain and waste assembly must be a suitable fitting.  
  7. Only use qualified installers and adhere to all instructions and plumbing codes, laws and regulations.  
  8. Remove the item from its shipping packaging. Before disposing of the packaging, inspect the item to make sure it is in good condition.  
  9. Should inspection reveal any damages or defects, contact us immediately and do not continue the installation.  
  10. Refer to the warranty, shipping and returns terms here.
  11. Place the item in the bathroom before starting work.  
  12. We recommend that the product protection remains on the bathtub until all construction is complete.  
  13. Verify that all dimensions are the same as on the item prior to installation.  


Download installation guides